Alan Turing Helped Cracked Codes During WWII

9 “Unbreakable’ Codes Throughout History That Were Cracked (Explained)

For all of history, humans have enjoyed a good puzzle. Puzzles, codes, and ciphers have been found almost everywhere, from second-century Egypt to the 17th-century letters between King Charles I and Queen Henrietta-Maria. Still today, crossword puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, and Sudoku all remain enjoyable ways to pass the time. But not all puzzles are simply meant for fun and leisure. Ciphers and…

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Major General 'Billy' Mitchell Predicted The Need For Aircraft Defense And America's Eventual War With Japan In The 1920s

9 Scorned Historical Figures Who Were Eventually Proven Right

The people who dare to think outside of society’s traditional box – presenting their innovative ideas, unparalleled discoveries, and hypothetical scenarios that question commonly accepted collective narratives – often change the world with their inventions and philosophical hypotheses. Without courageous people who dare to challenge the norm, voice their dreams, or speak out against injustices, society would…

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