The 10 Best Characters From The Boys Who Weren’t In The Comics

fter just two seasons, The Boys has had no trouble turning a fan-favorite comic into some of the most exciting new superhero action in years. There are plenty of The Boys show characters that have made a successful jump from comics to TV, but considering how the show has been happy to diverge from the comics’ canon, some of the best characters…

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Captain Leatherwing

The 9 Most Badass (And Random) Historical Versions Of Superheroes

If you’re not in the know, you may be surprised to find out that superhero comic books (and various other forms of superhero media) tend to have many different universes tied into them. If you’re looking for medieval superheroes, there’s Earth-311 of the Marvel 1602 line of comics. If you’re jonesing for some alternate-universe takes on some of DC’s various superheroes, we…

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Obito Uchiha

The 9 Strongest Jinchuriki In Naruto, Ranked by Power

One of the strongest forces in the world of Naruto are the Tailed Beasts. These creatures boast tremendous power, and are generally contained by being sealed into powerful or not-so-powerful ninja. These people are called jinchuriki. The strongest jinchuriki in Naruto are able to control their sealed beast to the fullest extent – often by building positive relationships with them…

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After Rejection From The British Military, Mary Seacole Started Her Own Hospital To Help Wounded Soldiers During The Crimean War

5 Badass Women Nobody Learned About In History Class

Historically, the accomplishments of women have gone unrecognized. Women of color are especially overlooked by the larger cultural canon. The time of writing brave, inspiring women out of history is over now that efforts have been made to uncover their stories. We’re here to share them with you! From rebel spies to fierce warriors, these women will inspire you to never give up on…

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